You’ve made it to my pricing page so I must be doing something right!

If you like long walks on the beach, puppies, wine, and popcorn then I think we’ll be a great fit. I’m kidding…but only kinda :D ! I love working with people who love to laugh, be silly, and are willing to risk it for the biscut aka #doitforthegram. More importantly, I love working with people who value the small intimate moments just as much - if not more! Trust me, I LOVE getting that amazing photo that will make all your friends jaws drop. But I also can’t get enough of the hand grabs, smiles from across the room, and those pictures of you all just being you.

So if you are ready to go with the flow, kick your shoes off, twerk to the music, love my pictures and wants to be friends IRL then let’s do this! Let’s make memories and invest in images that will be with you for years to come.

All packages come with high resolution files, social media sizes, and a print release for you to use at your descretion.

*Pricing includes travel up to 30 minutes outside of Seattle.


$350+ tax

Based on experience, if you have kiddos an hour is just the right amount of time. Anything after that and they start to get antsy and are honestly just over getting their picture taken. The first few minutes are usually spent with them getting to know me and then after that it’s go time!


$650 + tax

I am all about getting photos of you and your loved one at different stages of your life. Engaged or not, it’s something that is super fun to do and that you’ll love being able to look back on in the future. A two hour shoot allows us to play around and for multiple outfit changes!


Begin at $1650 + tax

For full wedding packages and pricing details, please contact me using the LET’S DO THIS button.