Turkey Tummy? Here's a little fitness inspo!

When Nick and I first moved to Seattle I joined a local fitness boutique. I wanted to stay in shape but also joined hoping I could make some friends in the city. Thanks to this studio,  I met Andrea. A boss babe with a bangin body, fantastic work ethic, and the biggest heart. She is literally someone who loves to help others - a trait that isn't always the easiest to find.

I had never done any type of fitness shoot before but really wanted to give it a try so the two of us got together and messed around on the roof of a Seattle parking garage and got some great results.

XO - S

P.S - Andrea, along side two others, is opening a new fitness studio in the Queen Anne area this winter that will have cycle, yoga, and HIIT classes. I'm so excited and can hardly wait for it to open. If you want to check them out, they are offering the first 30 days free! Check out Studio 3 here!

Salina Kaylor